Monday, February 8, 2010

Sinus Surgery Recovery

There are different types of sinus surgeries. Some are minor and can be done under local anesthesia while others require general anesthesia. The good news is that in all cases sinus surgery recovery is usually quite quick when compared to other surgeries possible. If you want to know how much time you will need to spend in recovery after a sinus operation there are some general facts that you need to be aware of.

Sinus Surgery Recovery Driving Problems
We need to put a little emphasis on sinus surgery recovery tips for driving. It is important to know when you are going to be able to drive again. As a general rule, whenever you go through general anesthesia you should never drive in that day. If you too pain medicine do not drive! You should talk to your doctor to see exactly when you will be able to properly drive again.
Sinus Surgery Recovery after Minor Procedures

In most cases the biggest problem is a bloody drainage. Almost all pacients will face this, especially on the back of their throat. The first 2 nights are usually hard to handle because of this but in one week (2 tops) all should be ok. The pain you will feel is usually mild or non existant. If you had headaches while suffering from sinusitis you will probably also have headaches as you recover. The same applies for sinuses pain. You will usually receive pain medication.

Sinus Surgery Recovery after Serious Procedures

If you went through a more complicated sinus surgery then you should be prepared to recover properly. In most cases you can not go to work in the first week. It is rare to see someone going back to normal activities after a couple of days. Complicated surgeries will require packing. While it is in you will really feel bad. You are not able to breathe properly and there is a lot of drainage present. Even headaches can appear. After packing is removed all is a lot better. Unfortunately bloody drainage can continue for several weeks.

Sinus Surgery Recovery Conclusions

The bottom line is that you do not need to be afraid of sinus surgery recovery. In most cases all is really easy to go through. The only fact that you need to know at all times is that you have to keep a close relationship with your doctor. If there are any problems he will tell you about it. If at any point you have problems contact the doctor. In 99% of cases sinus surgery recovery is fast and really easy to handle.

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  1. Traditional sinus surgery or "FESS" (for Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) often comes under fire for its difficult recovery and frequent need for follow-up procedures. Make sure you do your homework .
    Less invasive procedures like balloon sinuplasty are being recommended more and more but are not right for every case.
    Again - do your homework and talk to your doc.

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  3. You definitely right that complicated surgeries will require packing. While it is in you will really feel bad. Keep posting!

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