Sunday, December 20, 2009

Acute Sinusitis Infection - Secondary Causes

Acute Sinusitis Infection is usually caused by colds and different other really common infection of the sinuses causes. While these causes are really well known, you should know that there are also some secondary acute sinusitis infection causes that you might not be aware of. Let us analyze them so that you are properly informed.

Pollutants and Allergens

Individuals that have reactions to pollutants and allergens that will affect the nose (usually referred to as Hay Fever) are
very prown to have to deal with acute sinus infections without any cold involved. Pollutants and allergens will attach the sinus and nasal mucous membranes and these causes sneezing. If you are among these people you have to remember that you should not suppress sneazing because this causes pressure build up in your nasal cavities. The problem is that you are also going to try to wipe your nose and blow it a lot. Unfortunately this only makes your acute sinusitis infection worse.

Physical Anomalies
This is quite easy to understand. People that suffer from anatomic variations located inside the nose fit into this category. In most situations people suffer from a deviated septum, which will restrict nasal pasages. There is also the case in which polyps grow inside the nasal passages and cause blockage.

Fungal Acute Sinusitis Infection
Our body is resistant when it comes to fungus but unfortunately there are situations when
acute sinusitis infection can appear because of it. In most cases we are talking about people that suffer from asthma because their immune functions are reduced. Unfortunately all fungus that is usually harmless can thus turn into a real threat for some people and cause acute sinusitis episodes.

Cystic Fibrosis and Immune Deficiency
Acute sinusitis infections can also commonly appear in people that suffer from immune deficiencies like diabetes, AIDS, HIV, leukemia and individuals that suffer from cystic fibrosis. Unfortunately these people can be hit by acute sinusitis infections at any point in time.

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