Sunday, December 27, 2009

Natural Sinusitis Remedies

Whenever someone suffers from sinus infections depression can appear and sinusitis treatment is usually antibiotics combined with decongestants. The problem is that there are different side effects that can become hard to handle, especially for chronic sinusitis patients. The good news is that there are also some natural sinusitis remedies that can work.

The first thing that comes to mind is a combination of essential oils. For centuries people have used this natural sinusitis remedy with great success. The most common example stands in Oregano oil combined with fruit juice or water. Simply take it up to 3 times daily and relief from your sinusitis should appear in around 3 days. Another alternative is eucalyptus essential oil, which can be added to the humidifier or inhaler. You might also use peppermint essential oil but it is very strong and should only be used as a lotion that can be rubbed around the nose and eyebrows.

One natural sinusitis remedy that few people know about is salt water. It is perfect for sinus infections. You can find some great pre-mixed nasal salt water packages on if you want to find some high quality.

You can also try apple cider vinegar, one of the natural sinusitis remedies that are widely available for everyone. 3 to 5 spoons of apple cider vinegar every day should help out a great with both sinusitis and a common cold, even flu. The mucus is thinned down and blowing your nose becomes a lot easyer. After around 2 days of daily treatment you should notice a withdrawal of your infection symptoms and relief should appear soon.

You can also use steam inhaler as a natural sinusitis remedy. There are some that are created exactly for sinusitis. Alternatively you can use tea pots in order to have steam and this opens up the nasal passages very fast. We recommend that you add some Oregaon oil, Peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil in the tea so that the effect will be even stronger. Out of all natural sinusitis remedies this is the fastest one when it comes to sinus infection relief.

Another natural sinusitis remedy that we have to recommend is hot lemonade. It is quite effective and all you need is honey, hot water and good organic lemons. Drinking hot lemonade helps out a lot in dealing with sinusitis, colds and flus. To make it even better we are talking about a drink that is very rich in vitamin C for your immune system.

Please keep in mind that natural sinusitis remedies are great and will help you out a lot but if at any point in time the symptoms get worse you should go see a doctor. Sometimes natural sinusitis remedies are not enough if the patient is suffering from a complicated sinusitis. On the other hand the majority of people will find a lot of success in the natural sinusitis remedies mentioned above.

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  1. do you have thoughts on surgery options? just had ct scan and two options recommended: traditional or balloon sinuplasty. one is more invasive and the other newer (balloon treatment). any thoughts on either of them? written or covered them?


  2. A new study recently showed that balloon catherer sinusitis treatments are safe for the pacient and it also seems that it is effective. I personally do not know anyone that has done this but if you have these two options recommended by your doctor I recommend that you also look at this new balloon treatment. I also think that you should get this done only by a doctor that has experience in this. As with any new treatment option you have to be a little careful in choosing the doctor to do it but it is kind of a better alternative precisely because it is less invasive