Thursday, December 10, 2009

What is Maxillary Sinusitis?

Few people even know of the existence of Maxillary Sinusitis. This is because we are talking about a condition that is linked with the maxillary sinus (also known as Antrum of Highmore), which is the biggest of paranasal sinuses, bearing a pyramidal shape. A lot of people refer to maxillary sinusitis just as regular sinusitis, because it is hard to diferentiate between the two. In order to do this we have to talk more about the maxillary sinus. On the other hand you will surely be bored by medical explanations and you will be a lot more interested in the disease itself.

Maxillary sinusitis is basically an inflammation of maxillary sinuses. Contrary to what you might believe, this condition is very common. The main reason for this stands in the anatomical relation of the maxillary teeth, the anterior ethmoidal air sinus and frontal sinus. This makes it very easy for infection to spread. To make matter even worse, maxillary sinusitis is even more common as the maxillary sinus can not drain well due to the location of the drainage orifice near the sinu roof.

Maxillary sinusitis treatment is the same as any sinusitis. On the other hand, what you should always keep in mind is that it is better to prevent than treat. This means that you should be paying attention to sinusitis prevention tips. This includes:

Allergens exposure reduction

  • House ventilation improvement

  • Using humidifiers whenever you are close to an environment where someone has a cold

  • Sleep with your bed's head elevated so that sinus drainage is promoted

  • Always be careful when using decongestants

  • Avoid nose irritating air pollutants

  • Always maintain a good died and work out
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