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Recurring Sinus Infections

Whenever you are faced with Recurring Sinus Infections you will have a lot of problems. It usually seems that no matter what you do you can not get rid of that infection. In most cases people become really irritated when they solve the problems thanks to antibiotics only to find themselves faced with reccuring sinus infections when they do not take the antibiotics anymore. If this is your case then you should seriously think about some facts. Let us get deeper in the topic of Recurring Sinus Infections.

In general we do use the term Sinusitis to describe any infection of any sinus. In order to find the right sinus infection treatment we need to think about different facts. If you are faced with recurring sinus infections there is a pretty big chance that you might receive the wrong treatment. It might also be a situation in which you might require surgery. But before we think about sinusitis surgery let us see the questions that have to be asked and answered whenever the patient shows recurring sinus infections.

1. Are We Actually Dealing With a Sinus Infection?

Sometimes even the doctor can make a mistake. There are different fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause infections. Through a viral infection of your nose, usually caused by a cold, you can get mucosal swellings. This will stop your sinuses in draining properly. We are thus faced with bacterial infection. To make everything even more complicated, every single person has at least some fungal spores located in the nose because we breathe. If we are faced with too many fungi our sinuses can show inflammation. In rare circumstances we might even be faced with invasive fungal sinusitis, which is a serious condition characterized by fungi invading tissues.

2. Is there Any Mucosa Abnormality Present?

In some cases allergies will cause a lot of mucosal inflammation in sinuses and our nasal cavity. To make matters worse, if you constantly stay in an environment where cigarette smoke is present (or any other toxic fumes) you might be faced with cilia damage. This basically means that your mucosa can not clean itself. Also, in different air conditions mucosa can be intrinsically diseased like when dealng with Cystic Fibrosis.

3. Do Anatomic Problems Exist?

There are different anatomic problems that promote sinusitis thus causing recurring sinus infection. A really common example is a septal deviation that is severe. If this is the case then your airways are obstructed and this can easily cause sinusitis. There are different other anatomical abnormalities that can cause sinusitis. In different cases these can be visible but in other they might not. Sometimes the doctor has to perform a special sinus CT scan in order to find such a problem.

Recurring Sinus Infections - Closing Thoughts

The bottom line is that a recurring sinus infection can be caused by a number of situations. It can happen that a doctor did not see the real cause of your sinusitis. In any circumstance in which you see that you have recurring sinus infections you have to take into account what was written above.

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